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*Consultation  Since a doula-client relationship is a partnership, it is important that we get to know you as much as it is that you get to know us.  We will ask you questions such as, “What kind of a birth do you want?” and “What made you decide to look into doulas?”  These questions are so that we can get an idea about what support you are looking for and if/how we can fill that role.  To have the most effective consultation, come prepared to talk about anything that you read and thought was fascinating, classes that you have taken, or even just things that you heard from your sister or friend that scared you a bit. 

These are all things that will give us some insight into what it will be like to work with you.

   *Prenatal appointments These allows us to meet the team, teach labor positions and management techniques.

  *Labor & Delivery We provide early labor text/call support and arrive when you need us.! Our goal is to mother you and provide relaxation techniques and help you manage your discomfort. We do not replace your partner but aid you both through this beautiful journey

*Prenatal follow-up This is an in-home visit within 4-8 days after your birth, to share with you and listen to your birth story, aid in breastfeeding support and listen and help with your needs as you adjust to your new bundle of joy.



Our doula services


We provide both Emotional and Physical support in areas of:

Listing to your birth story, breastfeeding support, light housekeeping, meal preparation, sibling and animal care, infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from birth, mother–baby bonding, infant soothing, and basic newborn care

$20.00 an hour


Upon request

Breastfeeding Education

Every mother deserves the compassion and educational support to nurture and feed her baby.

Add-on servies

*Aromatherapy  * Birth/Labor Photography  * Placenta  Art & Encapsulation  *Growing Family Photography * Belly Binding


Coming soon !

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